Acuérdate de mí

Maria Fontanals and Fernando Gazzaniga 

Rafa Abolafia

Fernando Travesí

Music and Sound Designer:
Pablo Andrade and Rafa Abolafia
Lighting Designer:

Pablo Andrade
Poster Photography:
“Glutter Inspiration” by Erika Morillo
Still Photography:
Ellis Vizcarra
Costume Consultant:

Silvana Ottavianelli
Production Manager:
Pablo Andrade and Maria Fontanals

Teatro SEA
Executive Production:


Acuérdate de mí

(Remember me)

Performed in Spanish.


There are lines that cross the world dividing it in two different, separate and coexisting realities.
There are always those who feel that fate is unfair and they have been left on the wrong side of History.
However, they are not allowed to carry out a very simple and universal desire: to yearn for living a better life.


Hay líneas que cruzan el mundo dividiéndolo en dos realidades diferentes, separadas y paralelas.
Siempre hay aquellos que sienten que el destino es injusto y han quedado en el lado equivocado de la Historia.
Sin embargo, no se les permite llevar a cabo un deseo tremendamente simple y universal: aspirar a vivir una vida mejor.

Performed on November 17th, 18th and 19th 2017 in Teatro SEA


ATI Awards 2017

Best Actor:  Fernando Gazzaniga

Best Actress: Maria Fontanals

Best Director: Rafael Albolafia

Best Play: Corezon

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